Simple and fast Local Delivery in Nassau

Fetch offers simpler solutions for Local Delivery services including By Hand Mail Delivery, Package Pick-Up, Drop-Off, and Errands.

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about Local Delivery


Business Class messenger services including, delivery of legal and business documents.

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Send Package

With Fetch Local Delivery, customers can send items to any location on island in The Bahamas

Call for

Receive Packages

In addition to sending packages, customers can also receive packages from anywhere.

Track Package

Truck for Hire

Need a truck? No problem. Fetch can arrange trucking for your bigger shipments.

Hire Truck

Food Delivery

Place a food order at any restaurant in Nassau and we can pick up, pay for, and deliver your order to you.

Order Take-Out

Shopping and Errands

Got an errand? No problem. Running errands is another delivery services offered by Fetch in Nassau.

Run Errand

As a first time customer, I can honestly say Fetch is a high quality shipping company.

Satisfied Client

Samantha Rolle


Family Island Shipping

With Fetch, customers can send and receive packages from anywhere in The Bahamas.

International Shipping

Large package or small package, import or export, Fetch has got the service you need.


Round Trip Shipping

Fetch provides fast, and reliable two-way shipping at a reasonable price.


Freight Forwarding

Save time and money on freight by using Fetch.

Customs Brokerage

Fetch ensures safe and secure delivery of all of your items, even the most sensitive.

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We provide the best and fastest courier services nowadays

Your packages will not be damaged with our expert courier services.

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