Mail and Documents

Fetch ensures fast and secure delivery of your documents, especially the most sensitive.

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Boxes and Packages

Send and Recieve pacakages from anywhere, and have them delivered to your door.

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We give you complete control of your shipments.


Fixed Pricing

To save customers the hassle of calculating their bill based on the weight and size of their package, we have opted to set a fixed price for all packages.

Package Tracking

In order to track their package, customers can call our office, or leave a message or email inquiring about the whereabouts of their package.

Stay on budget with our transport

Stay on budget with Fetch's affordable shipping rates.

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The best international transport company

FW provides professional and confidential messenger services including, delivery of legal and business documents for signatures.

Need a truck? No problem. Fetch can arrange trucking for your bigger shipments.


Place your food order at any restaurant in Nassau, and Fetch is more than happy to pickup, pay, and deliver your order to you.

Got an errand? No problem. Errand running is one of the delivery services offered by FW.

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We provide the fastest courier services

With Fetch, enjoy day-definite delivery.



Send us the location, and description of your package and we will be more than happy to pick it up.


After pick-up, your package is dropped off directly to you. There is no storage of items which eliminates a storage fee.

We have all your needs, from start to the very end.

From shopping, to pick ups, to drop offs, Fetch is there for all of you shipping and delivery needs.